Time in the Redwood Forest

After a much needed shower, I headed back to Crescent City. I spent a couple hours walking around the Battery Point Lighthouse. I was a pretty cool place. I got some good shots of the lighthouse and some birds in flight (just sea gulls). Before I left I even played with some wild squirrels.

I ate lunch, picked up some supplies and headed back down highway 101. Along the way I stopped, paid $5 and drove through a tree. Pretty cliche, but it was fun.

The next stop was a search for wild elk. I spent a couple hours in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. I drove about four miles up and down a small mountain on an unpaved road with pot holes everywhere. It was a really rough road. Eventually I got to the bottom and the entrance to the state park. I drove along the beach for another four miles. Just before the end of the road I saw about six elk with giant racks just off the road. They didn’t seem to care that people were stopped to watch them they just kept on eating. I hung out for a while waiting till they put they head up so I could get a good shot. After a bit I got some good shots and headed back up the mountain. Just before I got back to highway 101 I found a herd of about 30 elk. That was a pretty cool site. A little farther down 101 I found a place to camp.

Time in the Redwood Forest
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