Zero Gun Test


I had some unusual free time before the start of the meet I’m timing today so I thought I’d do a zero gun test. A zero gun test is used to check that the automatic timing system starts and captures properly. The test involves placing a starting gun with the start sensor flat on the finish line and fired. The timing system should capture the flash of the gun at zero seconds. The zero gun test is required for IAAF running records. During a meet, the test should be performed once a day on each of the finish lines that will be used that day.

I use the auto capture function in finish lynx so I temporarily set it to manual capture. I created a new blank event and to the capture on. I placed the gun near the track with the chamber near the leading edge of the starting line and fired. In finish lynx I confirmed the flash occurred at 0.000.

It’s a good idea to place something under the gun, cardboard or newspaper, or your finish line will get covered with black power from the gun. Hindsight is 20/20 and now I have a black powder stain on the finish line.


Zero Gun Test
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