White Lines

A nice white line always makes for better Finish Lynx images. I routinely repaint the finish lines at our track here at Willamette. Sometime more than once year. I use duct tape to mask the line. I tried blue painters tape, but it doesn’t stick to the track surface well enough.
In the past I’ve use spray-paint so I also need to use a paper drop to catch any over-spray. I lay out the duct tape to create the initial mask, then role out a paper drop and tape it to the the initial mask. This is a time consuming process especially of there’s a little wind.
Today I tried a different method. I only did a single mask and then used a brush instead of spray-paint. It took a little longer for the actual painting, but I didn’t have to deal with the paper drop and cans of spray-paint.

The results look good from a distance, but close up you can see the lines are not as sharp as when you use spray paint. I’m not sure if I’ll go back to spray-paint or not, but my Finish Lynx images will look a whole lot better either way.

White Lines
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