Custom Camera Poles

One key to having good Finish Lynx images is a steady camera with a good angle of view. The best way to accomplish this is with a good camera pole. A tripod can be used, but I just don’t think they are sturdy enough. The Gill Camera Mount Poles are fantastic, they are aluminum and easy to move around, but they are very expensive. If you can weld, or know someone who can, you make your own for a third the cost. At Willamette we gave out facilities department the following schematics and they built them for us.

Fixed Sleeve Mounted Camera Pole

If you can sink a sleeve in the ground on the finish line, this is the way to go. It makes setup and alignment much easier.  We have one of these for running the 100’s backwards and it’s always the easiest to setup. 




 Heavy Duty Portable Camera Pole

If you can’t sink a sleeve this is the next best thing. At Willamette we have two version of this or primary camera pole is 12′ high and made from 4″ square steel usually reserved for a video camera tower. It’s heavy and hard to move, but it’s sturdy. We also have a second one that’s about 9′ and made from 2″ square steel. Because it’s smaller, this one doesn’t have the diagonal support braces on the base.




You can always use a tripod, but to make you images good, and your setup easy, get a good camera pole.

Custom Camera Poles
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