InDesign StatCrew XML Integration

How to create an easily updateable graphic in InDesign using StatCrew XML game files. This topic was presented at the 2016 CoSIDA Convention.

Source Files (24MB)

Here is my suggestion for getting started.

  • watch the video
  • download and extract the source files
  • edit line 6 of StatCrewFootballGame.xslt to reflect the location of the files
  • start with “Football.indd” and import one of the included StatCrew XML game files (“lc.xml”, “ups.xml” or “whtw.xml”)
  • if you get it to work open “Football Initial.indd” and try to import an xml and update the fields.
  • if you get that to work start you own or redesign mine

Football XSLT Volleyball XSLT Basketball XSLT

InDesign StatCrew XML Integration
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