Posted: Dec 9, 2023

Tools of the Trade

A college athletics communications and media conversation

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade is (hopefully) a regular Zoom meeting that stems from my desire for those in the college athletics communications and media fields to come together and talk about the technologies we use. We've all sat through presentations where someone talks at us about a topic. I want this to be different, participants should drive the converation. While the conversation will be moderated, the idea is that anyone present can contribute answers.

Participants can ask questions using the zoom Q&A. Anyone present who is knowledgeble can raise their hand and contribute to the answer. If participant numbers are small conversations will be more free flowing. If there is a large number of participants I will be more ridgid in monderation and moving things along.

These sessions will be most effective if attentees are full participants. For example have your camera on with good lighting. Use headphones and a good mic. Ask questions and give answeres if you have them.

Wednesday, December 13 @ 12pm ET / 9am PT

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What kinds of questions would be appropriate? Take a look at some examples to get an idea of questions that might not be a good fit for this forum.

Not so good questions Good questions
How do I enter an own goal in NLS? How do i use the stats from NLS in my broadcast?
Why aren't player bio stats calculating correctly? What are options for showing stats for sports like swimming and track on bios?

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